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You can commission me for all kind of projects. Examples of products I have made the surface design for are umbrellas, water bottles, textiles, chocolate boxes, bags and more. The patterns are designed in Adobe Illustrator and always delivered vectorized.

If you want to buy a pattern to use, you can choose to buy a license for a ready made pattern that gives you the right to use the design. Or you can commission me to design a new pattern exclusively for you.

Who are you?
Major international brands and small entrepreneurs who are launching their first product. Both large and small businesses are welcome!

To buy a ready pattern
If you find a pattern that has already been made by me, you can purchase the license to use it as you intended. This means that you pay a fixed amount, which allow you to use the pattern. The license is always specified in a contract that both parties sign.

If you are interested to look at all of my designs in my patterns catalog, email me at

What are the advantages of buying a ready-made patterns?

  • The pattern is already ready to use and can be delivered to you immediately after prepared and signed agreements.
  • A complete pattern is also less expensive than if you ask me to design a pattern tailored for you. Licenses for patterns available from 300 euro.

Buying custom designs
This means that you commission me to design a new pattern that only you can use.

What are the benefits of a customized pattern?

  • Your designs will be unique.
  • You have the opportunity to influence the process when the pattern is created.

If you want to buy a pattern or commission me to create a unique pattern for you, please contact me at